Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Morningside - Moving Crosscurrent of Time

Artist: The Morningside
Album: Moving Crosscurrent of Time
Genre: Doom Metal
Year: 2009
Origin: Russia

This is an excellent melodic death-doom metal album. It's unusually technical at times, and the production is clear without losing that distorted doom metal feeling. My comrade Bart has posted an earlier album, which is also quite good.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Hammers of Misfortune - The Locust Years

Artist: Hammers of Misfortune
Album: The Locust Years
Genre: Progressive Power Metal
Year: 2006
Origin: USA

I can't believe I only recently started listening to Hammers of Misfortune. They're from San Francisco, and they include members of GWAR, Christ on Parade, and even Pansy Division! That's a strange combination, but it doesn't really hint at what the band sounds like, except that the music is also an interesting combination. It's power metal, or traditional heavy metal or some-such, but it's definitely progressive and there are folky parts and hints of something heavier. The melodies and the female vocals on this album are tremendous. It almost seems like the lyrics must be political somehow, from the song titles, but I haven't noticed anything overt.

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Saturday, February 13, 2010

C.U.T.E. - Find a Place to be Safe

Artist: Collapse Under the Empire
Album: Find a Place to be Safe
Genre: Post Rock
Year: 2009
Origin: Germany

More happy electro-post-rock from Collapse Under the Empire, released in the same year as Systembreakdown. I think I like the first album better; it feels more consistent in its style, whereas this sort of jumps around in unexpected ways. Don't get me wrong, that can be a great thing, and this album is a lot of fun. Thank you C.U.T.E., for making and sharing this release!

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