Saturday, January 12, 2013

Top Albums 2012

Top 12:
  • Lunar Aurora - Hoagascht
  • Testament - Dark Roots of the Earth
  • P.O.S. - We Don't Even Live Here
  • Panopticon - Kentucky
  • Sorry - White Lung
  • Keny Arkana - Tout Tourne Autour du Soleil
  • Sigh - In Somniphobia
  • Obolus - Lament
  • Anti-Venöm - Planet of the Apes
  • The Great Old Ones - Al Azif
  • Ash Borer - Cold of Ages
  • Little Sister - Little Sister


Mia Mossberg78 said...

HipHop recording sensation Provy Suflayy released " A Star Burnin Brite" featuring Rachel Schryvers during world peace month to commemorate the loved ones lost in Hiroshima & Nagasaki.

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