Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Thy Light - Suici.De.Pression

Artist: Thy Light
Album: Suici.De.Pression
Genre: Black Metal
Year: 2007
Origin: Brazil

The first and only release thus far from the one-man Brazilian black metal band, Suici.De.Pression's title should give anyone familiar with suicidal/depressive black metal an idea of what to expect. This is traversing the same musical ground as Coldworld and Nae'blis (whose music I've posted here already), with chilling atmosphere created through the combination of acoustic passages with black metal riffs. These riffs aren't quite the traditional Burzum-esque black metal fare though, as they take on an almost technical edge at times. I hope Thy Light is working on a slightly more polished album as we speak.

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Charles D. Ward said...
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Charles D. Ward said...

Meh. Why does it still show that. Defeats my whole point of not having to use two replies to say what I wanted.

Which is:

It really puts me off when they lay the whole boo-hoo theme on so thick, but if you say it's good I'll trust you on it. Nae'blis and Coldworld (both of which I know through you) are on the more intelligent end of the "DSBM" spectrum after all.

Charles D. Ward said...

What the hell, now I'm taking three replies, but just wanted to say you should check out the newest Austere (Austr.) if you haven't, especially the awesome track Just for a Moment. Much goodness to be had!

TheChiefCommie said...

I'll definitely look into Austere (I think has been recommending them to me).

I think every black metal band has a gimmick, and it's rather difficult to find black metal with lyrics or themes I would consider sincere. For me, the Make A Change...Kill Yourself-style gimmick is actually more palatable than the bands that don't have a song without the word Satan (not to mention the NS-idiots).

Anyway, the cheesiness of this album title still makes me smile.

Tony from Ohio said...

Oh god if you hate the boo-hoo stuff AVOID Deep-Pression. HOLY SHIT that band is so fucking annoying