Friday, September 25, 2009

Nadja - Belles Bêtes

Artist: Nadja
Album: Belles Bêtes
Genre: Drone
Year: 2009
Origin: Canada

This is the latest (and my introductory) album by the Canadian drone duo known as Nadja. Sometimes drone can be like the noises your refrigerator makes when it gets old, and I admit that I've never been a big Sunn O))) fan. But this comes at the genre from a more relaxing, shoegazey angle.

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Anonymous said...

I'm a Nadja junkie so I indulge deep into all their massive output while this has been on rotation several other releases have been spinning endlessly... the split with Black Boned Angel,Primitive North - the split with A Storm Of Light, and Corrasion which was just re-released by Basses Frequences on 2 blue Lps a very must own in order to fully understand...NADJA

TheChiefCommie said...

Oh yeah, I also have the split with A Storm of Light. I'd forgotten, but it is very good! I think I'll also dig deeper into Nadja.