Friday, April 23, 2010

Falls of Rauros - Of Stone And the Stars In the Sky

Artist: Falls of Rauros
Album: Of Stone And the Stars In the Sky
Genre: Black Metal
Year: 2007
Origin: USA

This is a great little two song demo from American folk/black metal band Falls of Rauros. Yes the name is awesome, but no you don't have to be a nerd to appreciate the music. Both tracks are largely instrumental, and the title-track especially is very good. The production could be a lot better, but it doesn't detract from the music too much for me.

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Charles D. Ward said...

What's the name from, then? Thanks for the music. :)

TheChiefCommie said...

Rauros is the giant waterfall in the river Anduin, marking the ancient border of Gondor. It is accompanied by statues of Elendil and Isildur, the last two kings of Gondor.

Charles D. Ward said...

That picture rings a bell, indeed. I have never read Tolkien but I did see the films. I am bad enough at non-fictional topography to remember all these names.