Friday, March 27, 2009

Dreams of the Drowned - Thanatotropic Principle

Artist: Dreams of the Drowned
Album: Thanatotropic Principle
Genre: Experimental Black Metal
Year: 2009
Origin: France

The band noticed my earlier post with the demo and kindly pointed me toward the new release, which they uploaded yesterday. As they put it, it's "not a full length yet but a true release indeed!" Anyway, I'm happy to share and promote music of this quality, and I hope the band receives more recognition with this release.

This album continues the trend found in the demo, including a cover of Coiled In Wings by avant-garde legends Ved Buens Ende. The music is sludgy post-rock, hectic hardcore and blackened rock all bundled nicely in an avant-garde package. I wouldn't call it shoegaze, but those of you on that bandwagon will find something to like as well. Overall it's another unique and rockin' release from Dreams of the Drowned.

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