Thursday, March 26, 2009

Fullmoon Bongzai - Noisense

Artist: Fullmoon Bongzai
Album: Noisense
Genre: psychedelic electronic black metal
Year: 2008
Origin: Greece

Look at those goats. And that logo. "A voodoo beach party celebrating the unholy." You know you have to have this album. Fullmoon Bongzai is a one-man band from Greece, who takes after Aarni by claiming several fictitious band members. The song-titles make it seem like a parody-act, but musically it's quite unique and interesting. The album delivers a harsh psychedelic experience with ambient black metal (that might be closer to noise actually) and well-integrated electronic sounds. All vocals on the album are sampled, which gives a little bit of a disjointed feel between tracks, but there is a cohesive atmosphere throughout the album. In summary, if you like weird stuff check this out.

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Pandemonium360 said...

Look at those goats.

TheChiefCommie said...

I can't stop smiling when I look at them!

Charles D. Ward said...

I tried this earlier. Didn't like it at all. :(

TheChiefCommie said...

:C At least you tried it!

Mike Hanus said...

This is some intense stuff... very weird. Nice find!