Sunday, August 3, 2008

Behind Enemy Lines - The Global Cannibal

Artist: Behind Enemy Lines
Album: The Global Cannibal
Origin: USA
Genre: Crust Punk
Year: 2003

Behind Enemy Lines is the new heavier, more metal-ish incarnation of Aus Rotten. The band maintains the same political fury while up-ing the musical intensity. This album flows from one song into another in a way that very few other punk albums have achieved, and in that sense this record feels timeless. On the other hand, Behind Enemy Lines is particularly relevant for delivering hard-hitting, intelligent commentary on current issues in the US and throughout the world, from the occupation of Iraq to the development of new "nonlethal" crowd control by the US military. While the lyrics aren't anything particularly unexpected for someone familiar with left-wing politics, I find the message to be more poignant and intellectual than the great majority of political music.

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