Friday, August 8, 2008

Keny Arkana - Entre Ciment et Belle Étoile

Artist: Keny Arkana
Album: Entre Ciment et Belle Étoile
Genre: Hip-Hop
Origin: France
Year: 2006

Keny Arkana is a revolutionary hip-hop artist of Argentinian heritage, living in Marseille. This album title translates to something like "Between Concrete and Beautiful Stars". She is a very political artist, being a part of the alter-globalization movement. This album includes La Rage du Peuple, which I suppose is her hit single. I don't know a lot about hip-hop music, but I know that from the perspective of a rock fan, this is what I think hip-hop should be. She is clearly very angry and passionate about her lyrics, without being the kind of gangsta-rap some people might be expecting.

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