Thursday, February 26, 2009

Jarost Marksa - We the People

Artist: Jarost Marksa
Album: We the People
Genre: RABM (red and anarchist black metal)
Year: 2008
Origin: Russia

Jarost Marksa means "Fury of Marx" in Russian, and this is the most 'traditional communist'-leaning black metal I've heard. This three track EP concludes with a cover of Sacred War by the Red Army Choir, a song about World War II. Between the sickle-and-hammer and the World War II reference, I was a little worried this would be Stalinist-authoritarian in nature, but the lyrics are very much about self-liberation through revolution and it seems the band members met in an anarchist commune, so all my fears have been assuaged. The music is pretty raw in the underground black metal tradition, but there seem to be melodic complexities that keep it interesting for me. I'd recommend Panopticon over this one, but I think it's still a good find. I look forward to Jarost Marksa's future releases!

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Charles D. Ward said...

Real Communist strands of wheat do not hang quite so wilted.

TheChiefCommie said...

Hold your (sickles and) hammers high!

Anonymous said...

Fucking brilliant album!