Monday, February 2, 2009

Oi Polloi - Fight Back!

Artist: Oi Polloi
Album: Fight Back!
Genre: Oi!
Year: released in 1994, but the material was recorded in 1986
Origin: Scotland

This is a rerelease of songs from a couple splits from 1986 by anarcho-punk/oi! band Oi Polloi. The band was very interested in working class unity, particularly in mending the conflicts between punks and skinheads, the band having members identifying with both groups throughout the years. As well as being antifascist they have also supported direct action in response to environmental issues. More recently it seems they have started singing in Gaelic, but these songs are all English. The tracks on this album are all very catchy chant-along stuff with the energy you'd expect from an anarcho-punk band.

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Charles D. Ward said...

Ah yes, I have that/one of those Gaelic album(s), it's pretty good stuff. Let's see if this is just as good.