Friday, February 13, 2009

Kaki King - Everybody Loves You

Artist: Kaki King
Album: Everybody Loves You
Genre: Instrumental Rock
Year: 2003
Origin: USA

Kaki King is a guitar wizardess unlike anything you've seen (watch this to see what I mean: ,, and she doesn't succumb to wankery (maybe it's a gender thing?) but writes quality songs instead. She also has songs about the LGBT experience, which always counts as a plus for me. At least on this album she's the only musician.

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Charles D. Ward said...

Thee video convinced me.

Charles D. Ward said...

On thee other hand, I wish she'd sing. Guitar noodling alone can't keep me interested enough for a third or fourth song. Maybe if it was sadder, and less progressive.

I don't get how she writes instrumental music about the LGBT experience. Maybe listen to Pansy Division?

TheChiefCommie said...

One can write instrumental music about any topic! Though someone else can only tell what that topic is through the title, or album notes or whatever.

Limp Wrist's vocals are unintelligible (to me anyway), but it's pretty clear that they make music about the LGBT experience.

Here's Kaki King's song about gayness:
The fact that I say it is about "the experience" and not just a random song title is because she is a lesbian.

Charles D. Ward said...

You're right about that, instrumental songs can be about anything the artists want. But a song can't easily convey the thought behind it to the listeners through music alone... without actual lyrics it's too abstract.

Okay now THAT song is beautiful. Once more with feeling, right? Gotta love steel guitars.

Have you ever noticed that these word verification words are almost like real words, but never quite right!

TheChiefCommie said...

That's rughtic!

It seems like they might be combinations of two English words.

Terris said...

Hey everyone, check out these awesome photos of Kaki King in Vancouver: