Saturday, October 25, 2008

Aarni - Bathos

Artist: Aarni
Album: Bathos
Genre: Doom Metal / Psychedelic Rock
Year: 2004
Origin: Finland

Aarni is a funeral doom metal band that has mostly abandoned the genre in favor of experimental, psychedelic melodies and strange sound combinations. As you listen to this album the first time, you will never be sure what's going to come next, but you know it will be interesting. All instruments are played by Master Warjomaa, including the prominent flute; the other band members listed on the website and album notes do not have a physical existence. As well as being musically unexpected, Aarni makes lyrics in a ridiculous variety of languages and topics. And the cd case for Bathos is really neat if you decide to purchase it. I also recommend Aarni's split with Umbra Nihil, which is a bit more in the funeral doom tradition.

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Charles D. Ward said...

Yes, legendary band but I could just not get into it.

Apparently the guy behind it is discordian, some whacky religion-disguised-as-a-joke-disguised-as-a-religion I used to identify with some four, five years ago. They worship chaos as personified by Eris the Greek goddess of dischord. Ah, good times.

Lol, the word verification word for this comment is "socktit".