Friday, October 3, 2008

Choking Victim - No Gods No Managers

Artist: Choking Victim
Album: No Gods No Managers
Genre: Crack Rock Steady (punk)
Year: 1999
Origin: New York

This is one of the best punk albums you will ever find. Self-proclaimed as "Crack Rock Steady", they play angry punk with ska and extreme metal influences, with Stza delivering one of my favorite black metal shrieks. The music is solidly based in punk, but it is surprisingly complex and filled with catchy melodies and crust-like intensity. These (former?) squatters fill their songs with lyrics about international politics and economic reform, revolution, killing cops, anti-Christianity, the general shitty-ness of life, and killing more cops. The band has since reformed as Leftover Crack (one of the original members of Choking Victim died, but I'm not sure if that's the reason they broke up), which I have been lucky enough to see in concert 3 times, and I highly recommend catching a show if they come to your neighborhood. Leftover Crack plays pretty much the same music (sometimes exactly the same - write some new songs damnit!), which is also great and I will upload some if I get a request.

Also! as an added bonus, I threw in a nice version of 500 Channels by Guerilla Poubelle. It's in French!

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Kohaku said...

"This is one of the best punk albums you will ever find."

Fuckin' A. No Gods No Managers changed my life.

Anonymous said...