Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ska-P - Lágrimas y Gozos

Artist: Ska-P
Album: Lágrimas y Gozos
Genre: I'm gonna let you guess on this one
Year: 2008
Origin: Spain

This is the newest release from the slightly pop-y Spanish ska punk band Ska-p. I've only listened to it once so far, but I think it's a quality album. The first track, Ni Fu Ni Fa is especially fun to listen to. The band's typical leftist political stance seems to be present, though I don't know enough Spanish to be sure. I wish I knew why that cat has a boomerang.

band site (be warned: it plays music automatically. I hate that shit.)

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Charles D. Ward said...

Woot!! Thanks a bunch!

Great Khan said...

He has a boomerang Because Ska-p was disbanded a few years back but now they got back together and returned to the scene with this new album, so the boomerang is a sing that they "came back"

I speak spanish, and well the lyrics are very lefty sided. (which i love)
Ni fu Ni fa speaks about presidential elections, abot all the campaigning and stuff, but it all comes down to the same beacause all presidents are bullshit.

Crimen solicitations is about the rape to kids from Catholic priests and is a cool direct attack to the vatican and to the pope.

El Libertador is a song dedicated to Hugo Chavez (praising him)

El tercero de la foto is about war in Irak.

El imperio caera is a song totaly against USA saying that usa is an empire and that it will soon fall down to the ground freeing the third world.

Fuego y miedo is about scholl killings by crazy students.

love your blogg!
I downloaded 3 Black metal albums here thx!

TheChiefCommie said...

I'm glad to hear it has my kind of lyrics! Viva Bolivarian revolution!