Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Dead Prez - Let's Get Free

Artist: Dead Prez
Album: Let's Get Free
Genre: Revolutionary Hip-Hop
Year: 2000
Origin: USA

Dead Prez is a revolutionary hip-hop duo, with an extra emphasis on the 'revolutionary'. These guys are very angry about things as they are in the US, and they mean to do something about it. This is probably the most 'serious' rap music I have ever heard. They aren't against having a good time, as can be seen in the slightly more upbeat songs "Mind Sex" and "Happiness", but the lyrics are thoughtful and the focus on revolutionary social change is always clear.

I'm not sure how I feel about the "Revolutionary But Gangsta" stuff they have made more recently. I understand about solidarity with the oppressed and all that, but on this album they made a big point about mainstream rap culture being counterrevolutionary, and I'm worried that they might be moving toward that. It seems that they release an album every election year, so the new one should be out soon.

Anyway, this here is one of my favorite hip-hop albums; I highly recommend it.

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