Thursday, October 2, 2008

Infected Mushroom - The Gathering

Artist: Infected Mushroom
Album: The Gathering
Genre: Psychedelic Trance
Year: 1999
Origin: Israel

This is an album from the early days of Infected Mushroom and the Israeli psytrance/goa scene. The Israeli government does some crazy things, but you've gotta love jewish people, they're just so damn creative! This album might not be quite as deep as Classical Mushroom, but it's still some of the best electronic music I've had the fortune to hear. With some trance artists I start to feel that they aren't offering enough melody to go along with the pounding beats, but Infected Mushroom keeps me interested with every song. I haven't heard much of this duo's more recent work, but it seems like it is going in the direction of mainstream trance/rock, which would be fine if it didn't mean leaving behind this great style of unique electronica. Psycho is the "hit" single from this release, but the album is equally exciting from start to finish.

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NOTE: this is a little weird because the whole album was too large for Mediafire. SO, the final track from the album is uploaded separately.

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The Whale said...

Cool, I'm not that big in to techno and goa but I like infected mushroom. There is some kick ass music is israel, wether it's trance, rock or reggea.